Dividend Information

YearTypeExDatePayDateAmount Net
2024Interim16 May 202411 June 20241.5p
2024Interim22 February 202419 March 20241.75p
2023Interim17 August 202312 September 20232.25p
2023Interim18 May 202313 June 20233.5p
2023Interim23 February 202321 March 20233p
2022Interim17 November 202208 December 20222.5p
2022Interim18 August 202208 September 20223p
2022Interim19 May 202209 June 20223p
2022Interim24 February 202217 March 20223p
2021Interim19 November 202109 December 20213.5p
2021Interim19 August 202109 September 20213.5p
2021Special29 July 202105 August 20218.5p
2021Interim20 May 202110 June 20213.5p
2021Interim26 February 202118 March 20213p
2020Interim19 November 202010 December 20203.125p

On 29th October 2020 a 4:1 subdivision of shares occurred. The dividends below are pre-subdivision and should be divided by four to arrive at comparative dividend payments after this date.

YearTypeExDatePayDateAmount NetTax
2020Interim20 August 202010 September 202014.00p0.00p
2020Interim21 May 202011 June 202011.00p0.00p
2020Interim20 February 202012 March 20206.75p0.00p
2019Interim14 November 201905 December 20197.25p0.00p
2019Special26 September 201922 October 201915.00p0.00p
2019Interim15 August 201905 September 20196.50p0.00p
2019Interim16 May 201906 June 20196.50p0.00p
2019Interim14 February 201907 March 20196.00p0.00p
2018Interim15 November 201806 December 20187.25p0.00p
2018Interim16 August 201806 September 20186.25p0.00p
2018Interim17 May 201807 June 20186.00p0.00p
2018Interim15 February 201808 March 20185.00p0.00p
2017Interim16 November 201707 December 20176.75p0.00p
2017Interim17 August 201707 September 20176.50p0.00p
2017Interim18 May 201708 June 20176.00p0.00p
2017Interim16 February 201709 March 20174.25p0.00p
2016Interim17 November 201608 December 20165.00p0.00p
2016Interim18 August 201608 September 20164.50p0.00p
2016Interim19 May 201609 June 20164.25p0.00p
2016Interim18 February 201611 March 20163.75p0.41p
2015Interim19 November 201510 December 20154.25p0.47p
2015Interim20 August 201510 September 20154.25p0.47p
2015Special25 June 201516 July 201510.00p1.10p
2015Interim21 May 201511 June 20154.25p0.47p
2015Interim19 February 201512 March 20153.75p0.41p
2014Interim20 November 201411 December 20144.25p0.47p
2014Interim20 August 201411 September 20144.25p0.47p
2014Interim21 May 201412 June 20144.25p0.47p
2014Interim21 February 201413 March 20143.75p0.41p
2013Interim22 November 201312 December 20134.50p0.49p
2013Interim23 August 201312 September 20133.50p0.39p
2013Interim22 May 201314 June 20133.50p0.385p
2013Interim22 February 201314 March 20133.00p0.33p
2012Interim21 November 201212 December 20123.25p0.35p
2012Interim22 August 201212 September 20122.75p0.30p
2012Interim25 May 201212 June 20122.75p0.30p
2012Interim29 February 201214 March 20122.50p0.27p
2011Interim18 November 201114 December 20112.50p0.27p
2011Interim20 July 201114 September 20112.50p0.27p
2011Interim28 April 201110 June 20112.50p0.27p
2011Interim09 February 201115 March 20112.50p0.27p
2010Interim10 November 201012 December 20103.00p0.33p
2010Interim11 August 201010 September 20102.00p0.22p
2010Interim12 May 201011 June 20102.00p0.22p
2010Interim10 February 201012 March 20102.00p0.22p
2009Interim18 November 200918 December 20092.00p0.22p
2009Interim12 August 200904 September 20092.00p0.22p
2009Interim22 April 200922 May 20093.00p0.33p
2008Special25 June 200825 July 20087.00p0.77p
2007Interim20 June 200720 July 20074.00p0.44p
2007Final06 February 200814 March 20076.00p0.66p
2006Final31 January 200701 March 20072.50p0.28p
2006Interim26 July 200616 August 20062.50p0.28p
2006Interim18 January 200617 February 20061.50p0.17p
2005Interim11 May 200501 June 20052.50p0.28p

Dividend Reinvestment

The Company offers a Dividend Reinvestment Plan.

For any shareholders who wish to re-invest dividend payments in the company, a facility is provided by Jarvis Investment Management Ltd. Under this facility, cash dividends are used to purchase additional shares.

Any shareholder requiring further information should contact Jarvis directly.

Jarvis Securities DRIP Scheme

Corporate Actions

Capital EventsNo capital information to disclose.
Mergers and AcquisitionsNo mergers and acquisitions to disclose.
Stock Adjustment HistoryNo stock adjustment history to disclose.